**Content warning: discussion of mental health and self harm**

In this week's episode of the Pet Owner Diary Show, Co-Host Tay Shoemaker talks with Elizabeth Chosa, a founder of the Veterinary Hope Foundation. Have you ever wondered about your veterinarian’s life outside of helping your pets? Elizabeth tells about the mental difficulties pet health professionals face and how the VHF helps support those that care for our animals. You don’t wanna miss this informative hour with the Mother Of Frogs on the POD Show!

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/veterinaryhope?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook: https://instagram.com/veterinaryhope?utm_medium=copy_link

Donate here: https://crm.bloomerang.co/HostedDonation?ApiKey=pub_d99a52c1-d03b-11eb-b1fa-060cfd9bde37&WidgetId=15360

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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