This week on Pet Owner Diary Podcast, we’re joined by Ben Seidman, Co-founder of Mella. Mella is a pet thermometer that checks their temperature under their armpit. Mella is building an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents making preventative tools more accessible. We’ll talk about the story behind Mella, features on their app, and Mella’s podcast. Tune in for this fun and informative hour with Pet Coach Janel Young.

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Ben Seidman, COO & Co-Founder

Ben Seidman loves building and collaborating with his team to solve problems that provide meaningful impact for the world around him. Seidman’s dog, Biggie, is the namesake for Mella's second product. Seidman is resourceful, a door opener, and a team player. His focus is sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting.

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